4 Details To Consider When Renting A Venue For Your Bachelor Party

If you want your bachelor party to be a night to remember, you need to have the perfect spot for the occasion. Before you commit to a venue, it's important to make sure it's the right spot for your night. Check out a few important details to consider when renting your venue.

1. Rules Regarding Adult Entertainment

You may want to have a few adult entertainers on hand to help celebrate the evening. However, you need to understand the venue's rules for hiring adult entertainers. Some venues may provide their own entertainers, or they may require that you hire their staff or work with companies that they have a partnership with.

Though this might seem like it limits your options for entertainers, venues like to work with companies and individuals who have a proven track of adhering to their rules and providing a quality experience for their customers. If adult entertainment is important to you, then check out venues that encourage it, like The Pleasure Dome.

2. Regulations Concerning Alcohol

It's likely that you'll want to have some type of alcohol at your bachelor party. See what the venue's rules are for the consumption or serving of alcoholic beverages. If you want to serve liquor and mixed drinks, you'll probably need to have a bartender with a liquor license at your event. Your venue may even be able to provide a bartender upon request.

Should you decide that you want to stick with beer and wine, see if you need to provide your own or if the venue can fulfill your beverage order. Check to see if the venue can accommodate a keg or if you should stick with bottled or canned beer.

3. Proximity to Your Lodging

At the end of the night, you want everyone to get back to their hotels or homes safely. There's a few different ways to accomplish this. One option is to book a venue located a reasonable distance from your hotel. This makes it affordable for everyone to utilize a cab or ride-sharing service. Another option is to book a limo or party bus to transport your guests when it's time for the party to end (or at least leave the venue).

4. Available Equipment and Furniture

Envision what activities you want at your bachelor party. Do you want to play a few rounds of poker or an adult-themed card game? Perhaps you want to relax and take in a sporting event. See what equipment and furniture the venue can provide. 

Many venues provide some type of sound system, tables, and chairs. Depending on your plans, you might need to rent more seating or set up a projection screen. Though its convenient if the venue has everything you need, you can rent additional equipment ahead of time if you know that you'll need it.