Trying To Bring History Alive In Your Classroom? Ideas For You

If you are a teacher and you teach history or social studies in your classroom, it can sometimes be difficult to get children engaged and interested in the topic. For some reason, many students find history "boring" or uninspiring. However, it does not have to be this way in your classroom. You can make history come alive for your students. Learn a few ideas to make that happen in your classroom. Then, you can implement some of these changes as soon as possible to improve morale in your history classroom.

Incorporate Historical Fiction into Lessons

One way to make history come more alive in a classroom is to utilize historical fiction in your lessons. For example, if you are teaching about World War II and the Holocaust, you could have them read Night by Elie Wiesel or Number the Stars by Lois Lowry (among many other title options).

Having your students read a book set during those time periods and events can make the story of the events come alive in their minds. You can incorporate history lessons into book discussions and help your students learn the facts about history while they are also able to engage with a story and characters that they care about.

Have a Historical Impersonator Come to Class and Present

Another way to make history fun is to try to bring historical figures alive in the classroom. One option for doing this is to hire a historical impersonator to come to your classroom. Imagine a Leonardo DaVinci or a President John F. Kennedy coming to the classroom and talking about their lives to students in costume and speaking in the first person.

This is a fun way for students to engage with history. They can ask the impersonator questions and interact with them. They can learn about history and historical figures in a unique way that can help with information retention.

And after you have an impersonator come to class, you could assign students their own historical figure to impersonate, allowing them to research a historical figure in-depth and present what they found to the class in a fun way. Students who do these kinds of activities tend to be more engaged with the topics and more interested in the presentations of their fellow students because of the novelty of it.

Now that you know a few ideas to help you bring history alive in your classroom, you can get started lesson planning right away.

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